Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Faith in different ways

Why is it so difficult to take a step of faith with regards to my career, but it is so easy to trust God with the eternal destiny of my soul?

So here is my initial response to that question. It seems to me that in life I am surrounded by "the now", and it is "the now" that takes precedence above everything else. So, "the now" of my career seems very daunting. The direction I choose could potentially enhance or degrade my life. One mistake could mess up so many of things.

Yet with regard to my soul it always appears to us as people that we have time, death is not a pressing issue. Therefore the eternal place of the soul can be put on hold until it becomes of immediate concern then i will really need to worry about my faith in God in that area.

The truth is I think it shows how small an issue we make our eternal destiny. Even as a Christian believer I can be very much lulled into a place where my soul is on the waiting list of priorities. My conclusion at this time is this: As I ponder how I trust God with the eternal place of my soul how much smaller a thing is it to trust him in take blind steps of faith towards a career that is honoring to him. The Lord directs the steps of the righteous and those that fear him. I need to keep my fear directed towards honoring God and not towards fearing a mistake