Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Real Heroes and Some Real Villains

I found this article on Yahoo and I wanted to try to use it to tell he world that there really is grace and love in this world. Even in the middle of criminal behavior by the "leader" of Myanmar there are true "LEADERS" doing what leaders do. Where is God in this? He is med students caring for the sick, and shop keepers taking their own porridge and sharing with others. There is love there is grace if we care to find it. Please read the article below and pray for these people and against the enemy of their souls that is at work to cause them great suffering.

YANGON, Myanmar - From shopkeepers handing out free rice porridge to medical students caring for the sick, ordinary people in Myanmar are stepping in to help cyclone victims as the military regime severely restricts international aid.

Taxi drivers, factory owners, college students, teachers and other Yangon residents — many of whom lost their own homes — are among those organizing grueling trips into the Irrawaddy delta, the hardest-hit region.

"They are true humanitarian heroes," said Bridget Gardner, International Red Cross representative in Myanmar, after touring an area where volunteers were giving first aid to the injured.

They are taking up collections at businesses and donating food, clothes and water. Some who are too poor to give money or supplies are offering their labor to help clear debris and rebuild villages leveled by the May 3 cyclone.