Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snapshots of a church

There are times when you are see something in life that really captures a moment. Today while at church I saw this...

There sitting about six rows from the front of the church was a middle aged woman bowed in prayer and there sitting next to her was a ninety year old widow who has been at this church for sixty years praying for her. Both of them were totally focused on the moment the younger woman removed her glasses mid prayer so to be able to wipe away the tears that were now streaming down. There was in that moment a complete look of peace on their faces.

That is my snapshot of the meaning of church. I doubt I will ever forget it. When was the last time you saw that at your place of worship. When was the last time you were one of the two people described

God be with us in this life


Christine said...

Your snapshot immediately reminded me of a moment when I was 16. I went with a friend to visit a lady from my church, Alice, who was well into her 90's and lived at the nursing home. We went through a room and were about to go behind a curtain where her bed was and we stopped because she was on her knees kneeling at the foot of her bed in prayer. I felt so convicted by her - how a frail old lady would kneel down and honour her God, where I sometimes found it hard to offer a quick prayer in a much more comfortable setting. I'll never forget that. She has since gone on to be with the Lord but that memory will stay with me forever.

Bubbles said...

i was there...i saw the same snapshot...i too doubt i'll ever forget it...i hope i don't anyways

as a Christian and as a younger generation than both of them, i was one of the most encouraging things i've ever seen - that by faith and love in God, both women would put everything aside to pray and lift each other up...that despite their differences, they were one