Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year, New Expressions

In the midst of this old darkness the past is slipping away

I await the dawn, and its new mercies each day

But in this night I find myself seeking,

following but one star in the sky,

A light for my way, a light shining for all the world

This Star keeps leading me on a Pilgrim’s Journey,

and as long I follow I am ok,

for when I stray a chill bruns through me,

the Voice of the Star speaks to me.

A voice of correction I have learned not to ignore

I’ve found the Star loves me even enough to teach me.

I don’t know what I will see on the way or what I will face with each coming day.

but the Star keeps on guiding and I have learned by abiding,

to just keep on plodding this straight narrow way.

I don’t know where the Star will lead you,

nor do you know where it will lead me

But this I know, I must keep following that Star

and I would welcome your company…

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