Monday, July 18, 2005

Simply looking

In life it seems as though we search and search. We find truth and then we find more truth. This never enough thought we want more. In the search for God we turn our selves around, inside out and every which way. We go to churches we talk to people, but seldom do we find or stay in the state of freedom that comes from true surrender to Christ. To often we are looking all over for the truth and yet it is right with us all along.

Lately the thing that is recapturing my heart is the simplicity of sitting in a room a talking to God, simply reading the Words of God slowly. Maybe only a chapter at a time or even better just one story at a time to get the full meaning and maybe reading it again the next day and the day after that. Too often I, and many others, make the mistake of thinking that if I go to church the pastor will miraculously say something that will solve all my problems, answer all my questions, take away my hurts. Then week after week we leave church having never found what we really wanted.

You see I think the key is turning simply to God and not expecting man to have any answers. We are all weak and poorly informed on the mind and ways of God. We can see far too little to be authorities. Daily we need to turn all of our attention to God. We need to realize it is He alone who is the "I am." Another way to look at this statement by God would be if he had said "Whatever you need, I am. Wherever you are, I am."

This is a key to life, turn to God as your greatest need and deepest source. God is near, always. God is with those that love and serve him, always.

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