Monday, August 01, 2005

Given a Commission

There is a huge part of our world that still has no witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How can this be? In North America we have heard it so many times and those that have not heard have, in my opinion no excuse, since there are churches all over the place. One question from them and they would at least hear something about Jesus and probably be given some instruction on how to find out more. But this point only distracts from the overshadowing issue of the people who have no chance of hearing about the greatness of God's love through Jesus Christ. Last time I checked only $.05 of every dollar given to spread Gospel goes to reach the unreached peoples of the world. That means, obviously, $.95 goes back into reached people groups. I am not saying that no money should go to reached people b/c certainly there are financial needs and obligations there as well. They need Bible printed in their own language, they places of worship, they need theologically sounded Bible training schools so they can raise up their own people as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and missionaries. However, should the ratio of money going to unreached people not be significantly higher than $.05 of every dollar? A while ago I heard a person speaking to a church say that "the problem is not that we do not have enough money it is that we do not have enough people to go." I have a very hard time believing that. I think if you had the money finding qualified passionate people to go around the world with the Gospel would be no problem. In fact I think if you had the money missions agencies would want to start trying to recruit top qualified prospects. I think the main problem is that the money is not there as this person claimed. In a minute I will launch into what happens when the money is there for missions. So the question remains where is the money to reach the unreached going to come from? How can this money be raised? Here is my opinion. Where is the money? It is in my bank account, and yours too. It is in so many North Americans cars, homes, boats, humongous TV's, and retirement accounts. We, North American, Christians, have been so inundated with the Gospel we assume everywhere in the world is the same. But, this is not true. We need only to look a little bit to see the world is not filled with the Gospel and it is to a large degree our fault. We have failed to keep the passion to reach the lost. We have failed to remember that treasures on earth are as nothing compared to treasures in heaven. We have been given much and have failed to do much with what God has given us. Maybe you disagree with me and that is fine please write a comment. I am all for discussion and dialogue. Maybe you even want to email me, but you don't want everyone to see your email address, so email me at and I would love to read and respond to your email. Privacy of your email and email address is assured. I say all of that to say this. Consider the last time you gave so much to a cause, any cause, that you had to sacrifice other things. Now more specifically when was the last time you gave so much to a missionary or mission’s organization that you had to sacrifice. I think it is time Christians, who have been commissioned by GOD, became desperate to do all they can in their lifetime with the resources God has given them to reach the lost and the unreached fellow humans of this world. Maybe it is to abstract to call them unreached people groups. People groups have no face in our minds, no emotions rise up within us when we hear that phrase. So let's say this. Fellow human beings created by God to know God and serve God who have wandered from him just as we had now need to have a chance to hear again about the amazing love and sacrifice he has made to bring us back into a true relationship with him. A relationship that will last forever.

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