Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Disservice by the church

Lately there has been a nagging issue in my heart. What nags at me is the fact that is seems as though churches are becoming primarily judged on the basis of entertainment and felt need. Maybe I am wrong, but over and over I hear people talking about how churches are not doing this or that well enough. As I talk to these people and as I listen to the stories I think "Do these people really think that is the point of a church?"

So the next few posts will explore some reasons why I think this is happening and how the North American church needs to respond. I would love to hear what you think about my observations and feel free to point other people to this blog to leave their feedback as well.

My first observation about how this became a problem is this; the church of North America did this to itself. Okay so maybe that is a slight overstatement, but I am not sure it is too far off.

First I believe the church bought into the worldly idea that "size is success." In doing so they church became just like any other business aimed to bring people in. The church is now driven by its consumers. If they want coffee, they get coffee and coffee breaks. If they want entertainment the youth departments put in big screen tv's and hold video game tournaments with using the latest hit video game. (even though it involves graphic violence and murder) The church did this to itself. Even if your church is not involved in the latest fads of pop culture can you not honestly see places where the church is making huge accommodations to people who are complaining about some minor issue in the effort to keep as many people in the doors as possible. Weak leadership has led us here.

more later, but how am I doing so far.

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