Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Disservice by the Church pt. 2

I am seeking to try to understand the entertainment phenomenon that is sweeping the North American church. What do rock climbing walls and coffee shops have to do with worship of God. How did first century churches manage to spread the gospel far and wide w/o these types of things? How does the underground church of China and North Africa continue to grown in believers?

I honestly believe a whole mess of churches have missed the point are allowing the members of our churches to tell how to run the church. I also think our affluence has led us to trust in our money and our fancy programs and brochures as opposed to times of discipling one another, worship together quietly, and seeking to hear God's voice.

Lord please forgive us, turn us back to you. Have mercy on us, but do not be so kind as to not firmly rebuke us for our sins

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